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heavy duty Timing Chain for MGC, TR-2, TR-3, TR-4 and Morgan
Available for Rover (GM) V8, MG-TB TC TD TF cars, MG two row duplex A and B series, AH 3000, TR 5.250,6,7 Stag,
Jag 3.4,3.8,4.2 lower

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This product is not commonly available in the USA.  Professional hydraulic builders use this for assembly and to prevent rust if the hydraulics are in dry storage.
Made by Castrol originally for Girling it is totally organic and 100% compatible with glycol brake fluid.  It also may be used on any rubber to promote longevity.

500gram plastic can (about a pint of material) weighs a little over one pound.  $20
 Ground and air shippable.

Small sachets also available (similar look) - $2 each

Vintage Car motor oil and ZDDP

Pertronix Ignitor systems available as HEI points replacements for the following. Prestolite Autolite 6 & 12v, LUCAS, GM, Ford, Mopar, ANYTHING with points!  Cars, trucks, manine, industrial, after market units applications! Inquire.

- We represent the entire Addco line of stock and Heavy Duty, front and rear anti-sway bars...again for a world wide application of vehicles. Anti-sway bars  (also known as sway bars), stock and uprated for a multitude of old and new foreign and domestic….ALWAYS “ON SALE”

Crown Ring and Pinion - MGB salisbury axle suitable for MGB, MGC and altered vehicles including MGB V8.  Brand new rear end gear sets 3.07:1 ratio imported from the UK.  Best deal on the internet or mail order.  Used 3.30:1 also available. Inquire.

Wire Wheels for British cars - Now exclusively offering MWS wire wheels as per OEM design and under license agreement with the OEM maker.  These wheels can be had in the traditional widths and height in 48, 60 and 72spoke versions with STAINLESS SPOKES and Nipples.  A fantastic alternative to the USA Dayton wires and much easier to procure.  These are also available in painted wheel configuration more in keeping with the 1950s and early 60s offerings.  We have the best deals available on or off the internet, ebay included.  ( Dayton of course can also be supplied when and if they are available.
It is false economy to install new wire wheels without new splined hubs.  In any event the old hubs should be meticulously inspected for wear or damage before mounting new wheels.  We carry as well all splined hubs for British cars, knock offs eared, triple eared and octagonal in the various thread sizes.  Also the newer hardware for removal and installation. 

Speed Bleeders for multiple applications. (Girling, Dunlap, Lockheed, Bendix, etc.)

Super Pro polyurethane suspension bushings for a multitude of old and new foreign and domestic.  We represent one of the finest Polyurethane manufacturers in the World, Super Pro. Highest quality, non-invasive darkest Navy or black to appear OEM while offering the tremendous longevity of Poly.  Modern rubber compounds ARE NOT the quality of old.  In some cases, due to complete failure upon installation I will NOT offer anything but Poly…unless it is for a concours judged car expecting never to be driven.  Advise upon application; we have the OEM rubber items as well.

PBR remote brake servos…direct replacements for the Girling MK II A and B units and Lockheed units. Modern technology to STOP your car…not make you worry about whether it will stop or NOT.

Now offering Westco Gel Glass Mat Batteries.  Ideally suited for MG T, Sprite and Midget.  A better choice for any 4 or 6 cylinder vehicle or smaller.
FREE SHIPPING USA; at cost Canada and Mexico.

Any lead acid battery benefits from use of a battery float charger.  We recommend the AccuMate  LS6.   BEWARE of cheap float chargers not designed for Glass Mat batteries.  More about the new VRLA battery technology.

PerTronix Ignitor HEI ignition.  Please call.   Catalogue

Moss Motors Dealer

King Bearings - bearings in Tri-metal available for MGB and B series engines, Sprite/Midget/Mini and A series engines, Midget and Spitfire 1300 and 1500 engines, TR4,5,250,6, GT6, AND engine parts for ALL British cars equal or better than all competitors

front Anti-Sway Bar for MGC

American Made, uprated 7/8 inch plated. 
Kit includes anodized hardware and polyurethane mount

Choose your vendor of choice* and copy the part numbers in an email to:
*While I am able to try and work with part numbers from the Kansas company, like quality and correct application can be a problem when using their part numbers.  Thus I prefer OEM or Moss part numbers to insure the best possible and correct parts for your project. 

If you have auto technical questions, contact me at or 563-323-1017

Lucas DCB 101 ignition condensers 10 pack substitute

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