post-War Crosleys section

CC Sedan, Wagon/Delivery Truck 1947-48
CD Sedan, Wagon/Delivery Truck 1949-52
VC Hot Shot and Super Sport 1949-52

PerTronix Ignitor HEI ignition. August Specials are the deepest discounts in the retail market.  So deep we can't show our prices.

IGW distributors 6 volt postive ground $74.  12-volt negative ground $68.50.  We carry all the PerTronix line including many 6-volt in both + and - grounds and all 12v negative ground.  INQUIRE.  Catalogue
Optima Gel Batteries.  3 year free replacement and 6 year pro rated warranty.  DEEPEST DISCOUTS.  6 volt and many 12 volt...complete line represented.
Looking for correct tight fitting tops in any condition to remanufacture same.  Side curtains also.
INQUIRE; first come, first to get the DEAL.
COMING SOON, DIY tops for all "soft top" Crosleys, dependent on above request/ the first to respond!
(The Jeepster folks love my tops as do the King Midget folks!)
Now available Highest Quality polyurethane leaf spring shackle bushings for all post war models.  
Offering soon lever and tube style shock bushings...

Female snap installation tool for the DIY $10.
Female snaps typically come with our tops but are not installed in order to gain a custom tight fit.  We also carry the male snap body studs with a metal screw which sometimes must also be replaced.

Robert's Hotshot (not for sale)

Bearcat engine

CD and VC hood emblem reproduction with inlay "closinese" as per original.  Very high quality reproduction $90 delivered USA.  Picture is muted due to the high complex luster of the chrome.  These are beautiful!

Hemmings Motor News Crosley article

for sale
$6500 or best reasonable offer