Correct full kit with water marked leather
strap & ends.

Austin Healey LeMans bonnet strap
+ all mounting hardware

COMPARE the price for the WRONG items sold elsewhere
to DEAD ON Correct !!
     These are hand tooled and stitched to replicate the original.   Correctly stitched and water marked EXACTLY to OEM standards the water mark is spaced precisely the proper distance from the edge of all three principal pieces and along the "keeper" on both buckle ends.  The items from ALL suppliers known to me use mechanical methods to make the water marks which are too far inboard to the is why these PROPER items were conceived in the first place.  Included are CORRECT strap end/hold downs, ALL necessary mounting hardware AVAILABLE NO WHERE ELSE.
     Dead on Concours correct leather and hardware, 19 pieces in all, with optional backing pads to protect the finish.  Used on both 100M and 100S cars.

     Always responsive to ANY questions you may have. If there is anything specific you want, contact anytime at or 1-563-323-1017

Correct hardware, stitch thread count, stitch pattern
and termination.