Kirks has sorted all the units needed for British cars.  Available for front and rear disc or shoe brakes, and clutch slaves.  Your choice of Stainless Steel or OEM steel. Inquire.

     Our preferred replacement for the MK II B Girling units is the PBR VH40 unit. In the case of the MGC the cost includes the two preformed and drilled brackets for direct replacement of the dated Girling units.

     Hydraulic input is on top, near the chamber; output is out the end, near the included bleeder, for ease of installation. The included brackets bolt where the old units bolted. New units bolt to the brackets. Plumbing is easily reshaped to the new units. Units fit exactly opposite of the Girling Hydraulics pointing forward.

     These units are also easily installed in Sunbeam Tiger, AH 3000, Jaguar and certain Maseratis. Unknown but suspected to fit several Lamborghinis.

     Anyone willing to buy and install and offer details to fitment and or brackets needed, will receive a substantial rebate for their help in marketing. Inquiry please.
     Any car can be converted to "power" brakes with the installation of the PBR 44 or smaller PBR 40 remote units. We likewise carry both large and small Lockheed units.

     We are brake specialists offering both stainless steel or brass liners to Master cylinders affording better than original "lifetime" solutions with NO PITTING EVER to the bores.  Our re-builders are second to none and are where many of the "others" actually turn to for servicing of these European components.