brand new heavy-duty
replacement Generator for Lucas C40

for $195 (March 2014)

      22-amp output replaces any Type 40 Lucas generator including G40414, G4012, 22258, 22742, 22775, and 22715.

This is a Commerical/Industrial application generator adapted for use on ANY Lucas 44 equipped vehicle; and has roller bearings on both ends, rather than bushings.

A few of the cars this will fit include MG, Triumph, Sprite, Midget, Alvis, Morris, AC, VOLVO, Morgan, and Austin.

Sold outright NO EXCHANGE or CORE CHARGE!  Reuse your fan and pulley.

( fyi. by 1968 most all British cars went to negative earth
and alternators; thus these generators are for 1967 and older.)

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