Lucas Ignition Condenser10-pack for $19.95 delivered.
10 units individually boxed as: "replaces Lu DCB 101, 423871", all in a display box!!

    While not in the Lucas orange box, these Intermotor items are a direct replacement for the Lucas item.  Its arguable that Intermotor made the item for Lucas in the first place, but regardless these are of comparable quality.
    If your car was made after 1953 and has points style ignition and is a 4 or 6 cyl. engine these fit 99% of the cars.  GREAT DEAL ..MECHANICS TAKE NOTE!

    Usually retail at $3.95 or $4.85 ... EACH

    These are excess stock from a British Car Spares vendor who specialized in engines and parts for 30 years

    We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction; the guy who packs your box and sweeps the floor is the same guy who buys and sells   Contact me at or 1-563-323-1017