We represent one of the finest Polyurethane manufacturers in the World, Super Pro.  Here is a representative sample of a complete front suspension kit.  Front/rear suspension, anti-sway bar mounts and link ends, body pads and much more available for an extensive line of British, Italian, German, Japanese, and US vehicles.  Inquires welcome.


     We also represent the entire Addco line of stock and Heavy Duty front and rear anti-sway bars...again for a world wide application of vehicles.
     Highest quality, non invasive darkest Navy or black to appear OEM while offering the tremendous longevity of Poly.
     Modern rubber compounds ARE NOT the quality of old. In some cases, due to complete failure upon installation I will NOT offer anything but Poly…unless it is for a concours judged car expecting never to be driven. Advise upon application we have the OEM rubber items as well.