Bill Terry of Terry's Jaguar is a large part of why I got into this business.  These are easy links but I have many sources for virtually any Post War Jaguar including all the newest models.  We also have sourced Pre War items for professional restorations shops and individuals.

Kirks-Auto is a Moss Distributor.  We also import better or otherwise unavailable parts from the UK and AU. I have many sources for virtually any Post War Jaguar including all the newest models.  We also have sourced Pre War items for professional restorations shops and individuals.

We enjoy working with people and feel we can advise good and better prices and product when given the opportunity.  This comes at a cost of time but we are more customer oriented in our approach.  For those who prefer the internet shopping basket, use any link, copy and paste the cart or part numbers and email me for a quote.  We have direct cross references to our principle suppliers Moss, or OEM part numbers;

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We will respond with a quote for delivered product and advise alternatives if applicable to your order.  Please advise state or country. Always available for questions or consults via email or 563-323-1017.

First time offered in 20 years!
Smiths has been commissioned to remake 3 gauges NLS for two decades.
These fit the negative ground cars.  Save money on rebuilds and have new gauges!

Oil Gauge C28495
fits E-Type S1.5 & S2, Mk2 and MK10

Fuel Gauge C28496
fits E-Type S2, MK2 (late), 420/G

Temp Gauge C29877
fits E-Type S1.5 & S2
We are now stocking the Otter control switch for the carb cooling fan…$75

Also fits early E Type and 70’s era Lamborghini.
2 other Otters also stocked for carb choke and later E-Type (dual pole).

April 2014 updates:

Alloy Flywheels – made in USA
Two dozen MGC units for sale!  Fresh from a supplier for ALL British race cars right here in the heartland where Saturday Night racing is a legacy!  8-12 lbs. means the equivalent of 40 added horse power from a dead start.


Kirk’s “Sebring” flywheels are made from the  best quality 6061 T6 alloy ideal for both heat dissipation, strength and of course HP robbing weight.  6061 T6 has over 34 thousand PSI yield strength and tensile strength exceeding 41 thousand PSI.  The ring gear is heated and shrunk onto the wheel and screwed with military grade 8 self locking hardware.  The “Sebring” friction surface we use is an incredibly strong 1050 steel known in the industry as pickled and oiled.   The replaceable plate avoids the need to replace the entire flywheel when the clutch or flywheel is at the end of its life…ergo:  savings of both your money and time.

Also for MGA, MGB, Midget, Sprite, Spitfire, TR2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and Jaguar; most in Tilton Clutch set ups as well.  POA Inquire.  $425-$600 prices are all subject to commodity price fluctuations.

Our bench and rebuild services now include vibration dampeners.  We rehab all Smith and Jaeger instruments, Lucas generators, alternators, distributors.  Also Girling shock absorbers, Servos, brake and clutch masters rebuild and resleeve likewise Lockheed and Dunlap hydraulics.

Our bench and rebuild services now include vibration dampeners.

We also rehab all Smith and Jaeger instruments, Lucas generators, alternators, distributors.  Also Girling shock absorbers, Servos, brake and clutch masters rebuild and likewise resleeve Lockheed and Dunlap hydraulics.

Spin on oil filter conversion kits for all BMC, TR, Jag automobiles.  (MGC illustrated)

The MGC costs $95.  Add Hastings filter for $6 or $14/3
MG TD, TF $95
MGA, MGB $55
A Series (Midget/Sprite/Mini/Minor) $65
Big Healey $38
TR-3,-4,-7 and Jag 3.4, 3.8, 4.2 also available, inquire.
TR, 250,5,6 (not GT6) $61

I also stock my preference in OE cartridge filters in “quality” felt;  $12 3/$28, and paper $6ea.

Red Brake Grease
.  Coats the surfaces safeguards and prevents rust on the hydraulic side of any brake or clutch cylinder or caliper.  Completely compatible with all DOT 3, 4, 5.1 fluids.  One tube is in most cases a generous amount to do all of a cars hydraulics   500G tubs also available in Castrol brand..  Regardless of the name, Lucas, Girling, TRW, Castrol, the grease is the same as used at the factory and by the OEM builders and for years by professional mechanics.  I have had mine for over 20 years and less than a quarter of it is used.

If you don’t know about it, see here:
SP1230 25g tube $3.50 compare to $10.50 aka GG2, PFG102, PFG110.
5 tubes $14
small Grease Sachets:  2/$4 ~ 5/$8

I also stock and strongly recommend Castrol GT LMA brake fluid in quarts and occasionally in the 12 ounce bottles.  This synthetic glycol base formula is designed specifically to be Low Moisture Attractive with a higher than normal DOT4 boiling point by comparison to all other DOT4 fluids. 

$13 quart Always in stock can only ship UPS 12oz. $6 when available.

Rat Rod 1950s side pipes gets the heat out of the seat!

Includes twin chrome sill pipes with 3" diameter case, two slotted shields, two 18-gauge tuned mufflers, hangers, clamps and all parts for installation except hookup to your present exhaust. Install according to your needs or as a stylish, non-functional custom accessory. Not legal for sale or use on California pollution-controlled motor vehicles. This product is intended for off-road or racing use only and is not intended or applicable for highway use. $325

*Reduces back pressure resulting in more HP
* Mellow low tone
* Limited 1-year warranty

MGC bypass hose clamp

proper MGC radiator hose clamps

We are supplied directly from the manufacturer and have
 every size available from 9/16" to 2 5/8"…18 sizes in all
and the ONLY USA source for the correct MGC radiator hose sizes.

Priced: $1.39 to $2.45
KIRKS will not be undersold on these clips.

CLIP-HOSE 0.9/16-0.11/16(WIRE)
CLIP-HOSE 0.5/8--0.3/4  (WIRE)
CLIP-HOSE 0.5/8-0.13/16 (WIRE)
CLIP-HOSE 0.3/4--0.7/8  (WIRE)
CLIP-HOSE 0.7/8--1.0/0  (WIRE)
CLIP-HOSE 0.7/8--1.1/16 (WIRE)
CLIP-HOSE 1.1/16-1.1/4  (WIRE)
CLIP-HOSE 1.1/4--1.7/16 (WIRE)
CLIP-HOSE 1.3/16-1.1/16 (WIRE)
CLIP-HOSE 1.3/8--1.9/16 (WIRE)
CLIP-HOSE 1.7/16-1.5/8  (WIRE)
                      1 11/32    MGC
                      1 11/16    MGC
CLIP-HOSE 1.3/4--1.7/8  (WIRE)
CLIP-HOSE 1.7/8--2.0/0  (WIRE)
CLIP-HOSE 2.1/8--2.1/4  (WIRE)
CLIP-HOSE 2.1/4--2.7/16 (WIRE)
CLIP-HOSE 2.7/16-2.5/8  (WIRE)


Kirks will not be undersold on these clips.

Borg Warner T35 automatic transmission seal kit $57.50.
Full kit with all of the above and the bands/clutches $130

BW T35 Transmission filter with gasket $15
These parts service a wide variety of LBCs including MGC, MGB, TR8 and Jaguar.
Kirks also stocks the MG larger brake pedal pad and step down cable for cars equipped with automatic transmissions.

Generic oil cooler fit kit with screw style ends & stainless hose overlay.  Available for ALL LBCs

Thermostat allows engine to reach operating temp before
circulating oil to the cooler….ideal for late fall, winter andearly spring driving in much of the US and Canada.

Assorted oil and transmission fluid coolers 10 row is the most popular.

Cooler hoses for all popular car stainless;
overbraid or OEM materials. 

Kirks also exclusively offers custom made fuel and heater hoses in Goodyear rubber with stainless overbraid.
All MGC are ready made and any custom length can be made.
Quarter inch fuel, 5/16" fuel, half inch heater hose stock always in stock. POA Inquire

Brake and gasoline hard line kits.

Brake and clutch hose stainless over Teflon.

Fuel hose, close up.

Stainless clips we supply with custom stainless fuel hoses
OE style ends I call bibs (no name bibs $1.25ea).

OEM style “bibs” with concourse correct
bas relief “Smiths” $3.50 ea

Closeup of finished end of fuel pipe.
Suitable for 0.25" and 0.3125" fuel hose.
I.D. is 0.58" stretchable tp 0.60"