Jeepster 1948-1951
    Our products are for the Willys Jeepster ca.1948-1951, NOT the AMC Commando "Jeepster."  All our items are made in the USA from patterns dating back to the early 1950's.  While some modifications are possible, such as slits in curtains, anything beyond the scope listed below is extra.  We strongly recommend that you provide patterns if custom work is needed.

    PerTronix Ignitor HEI ignition.  August Specials are the deepest discounts in the retail market.  So deep we can't show our prices.
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    We also offer weather gear including tops, side curtains, and boot covers in drop-dead stayfast "canvas", guaranteed against fading and shrinkage; black and tan being the most often requested with a further limited color selection, along with vinyl in numerous colors.

Modern style tack strip to secure rear of top and window.

    We also have modern plastic style tack strips for the rear of the body, male and female snaps.  Female are included but not installed, with above components; the male or body-side of the equation are extra.  Price on application.

Production Numbers:
1948 - 10,326
1949 - 2,961
1950 - 5,845


Hood Catch

Female snap installation tool for the DIY $10.

Female snaps typically come with our tops but are not installed in order to gain a custom tight fit.  We also carry the male snap body studs with a metal screw which sometimes must also be replaced.

Always responsive to ANY questions you may have. If there is anything specific you want, contact me at or 1-563-323-1017

Do it yourself instructions for convertible top installation.
(This is copyrighted material and I have the owner's permission.)

We have the complete PerTronix line for Willys, Jeep, Jeepster, wagon and truck. INQUIRE. and see why this HEI system maybe for you!

Alpha numeric are distributor models.
N and P refer to the ground.
12v and 6v refer to voltage. Ignitor II only 12v N.

Prestolite/Autolite 4-cyl for Willys Jeep 1940-71
IAD 4041 6003 6004-2F N12 v P/N 6v Ignitor II N12v
* MB CJ2,3A/B,5,6 1942-56
IAD 4008 4038 N12v N/P6v ALL MODELS 1940-59
IAY 4012 4401 N12v DJ3A,6A, CJ3B,5,6, 1960-71
IGW series N12v P/N6v CJ2 wagon Jeepster 4-73 4VJ 2T 4T 1945-51
IAT 4008 & B 4204&A ….4-73, 4VJ 2T 4T 4-75 4-75A 2X475 .4X475 F4-134 FC150 CJ3B,5,6 (F heads) 1950-62
NOT AVAILABLE…sorry I tried.
Delco 1110225 1959-60 4cyl Ignitor II N12v
Prestolite/Autolite 6-cyl for Willys Jeep 1940-62
IAT 4007 4017 4205 N12v 6-73 6-75 6-85 (A&B) 6-226 1952-59
Ignitor II N12v
IAT 4206 N12v P/N6v
IAT 4403&4 4416 N12v FC170, L6-226 1960-65
IGC series N12v P/N6v wagon Jeepster 6-73 1948-51
Ignitor II N12v
Delco 6cyl 1110444……….1968-74
1110376…………………ODD FIRE 1967-69

8-cyl Delco ………..1966-74
Ignitor II
Motorcraft 8-cyl ….1977-92
Ignitor II
12V COIL    0.6 ohm
recommended for 6v systems
black    1.5 OHM
black    3 OHM
CHROME    either ohmage

     Currently in research and development, this obscure, little known, and most often missing set of 10 rear curtain securing clips. Willys part no. 670311, these clip over the curtain and frame and are snapped into the top fold to hold the rear curtains in place.  Five on each side and will be sold in sets of ten only. 
     This will be a limited production run so "reserve" your set soon to guarantee you'll have them.  Email or call to reserve a set.  I will advise cost prior to payment and shipping.