I am Robert Kirk dba Kirks Auto Refitters, and devotee to British Sports Cars, LBCs(Little British Cars).  My collection numbers 15, and 10 more Italian, French, US cars and hybrids.  I've been in the parts procurement business since retiring as a radio/TV reporter/editor in Rock Island, Illinois.
Kirks is a Moss affiliate and distributor.  View the complete car listings by selecting your vehicle on the left side page:


We are also allied with many other vendors to offer the best quality parts available.  We import directly from the UK and offer certain Australian parts including our PBR Servos and SPF brand polyurethane bushings. We encourage customers to email orders and use Moss or OEM part numbers we have extensively cross referenced.  If internet shopping carts your preference, simply copy paste and forward in an email.  

International orders can now be dropped shipped from your favorite US or UK vendor.  We offer the most economical shipping in the trade.  Please inquire with your details.  If you have a cost and shipping quote forward the order details for our same source quote and best shipping rates.
     Kirks Auto Refitters has been doing successful business for 30-years and I pride myself in a lesson learned young; "customer service first."  If there is ever any problem with my product, I go the extra mile or two to accommodate, as you wish, to every extent I can.  My operative motto has always been to provide the highest quality product and service, at or below the retail market; and I KNOW the difference of the quality I offer and that of my competitors.  I own MG, Triumph, Jaguar, Austin Healey, Sprite, Midget, Facel Vega, Lamborghini, Intermeccanica Omega, Mangusta, Jeepster and Crosley in sufficient number, that, in doing my own maintenance, I not only know the parts, I know the cars.
     Kirks has always tried to make buying as easy and thrifty as possible promising to try always to or beat or meet the competitor prices. Once a published price is in place that policy becomes somewhat of a problem on several levels. I still have a no hassle guarantee for equal quality retail or retail "sale" items of:
"If you find it cheaper somewhere else simply tell me where and how much and I will do all I can to beat or meet that price!"
     I can't possibly list all the parts I have, but will feature a cross-section on this site to prompt you to contact me with your vehicle's needs. For the British Car enthusiasts I offer anything available, front to back and top to tires and of course, everything in between.

           THANKS!  Robert Kirk