Alloy Flywheels – made in USA

Two dozen MGC units for sale!  Fresh from a supplier for ALL British race cars right here in the heartland where Saturday Night racing is a legacy!  12.5 lbs. means the equivalent of 40 added horse power from a dead start. $650 for MGC

The only others offered in the market place are in the UK and cost £675. This is equal to $1050 FOB with shipping custom, tariff, and brokerage fees adding $100 or so more…and they have no stock.

Kirk’s “Sebring” flywheels are made from the  best quality 6061 T6 alloy ideal for both heat dissipation, strength and of course HP robbing weight.  6061 T6 has an over 34 thousand PSI yield strength and tensile strength exceeding 41 thousand PSI.  The ring gear is heated and shrunk onto the wheel and screwed with military grade 8 self locking hardware.  The “Sebring” friction surface we use is an incredibly strong 1050 steel known in the industry as pickled and oiled.   The replaceable plate avoids the need to replace the entire flywheel when the clutch or flywheel is at the end of its life…ergo:  savings of both your money and time.

Also for MGA, MGB, Midget, Sprite, Spitfire, TR2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and Jaguar; most in Tilton Clutch set ups as well.  POA Inquire.  $425-$600 prices are all subject to commodity price fluctuations. 

Always responsive to ANY questions you may have; contact anytime at or 1-563-323-1017