Dave Craddock has just brought an MGC bonnet to market joining his V8 bonnet effort.  I’ll be posting more pics on the web site but this is a sample of the well reinforced C bonnet.  These are designed specifically to accept the Pieces of Eight bonnet struts Rick Ingram creates  $50 pair bonnet and/or boot, $65 GT hatch pair.  They too are available from Kirks-Auto.  Watch the web site for updates for the bonnet and struts.  POA

Kirks-Auto is now partnered with two reputable panel makers in the US and in the UK.  I hope to have them both featured soon on my web site. Visit here the Honeybourne web site to see what I can bring in from the UK.  Inquire for delivered prices.  http://www.honeybournemouldings.co.uk/mg.htm