Just a couple of updates to what Kirks-Auto is doing for MGC owners… 

Air Filters

Replacement style air filter, slim and neat, available for all sizes SU carbs on either side of the engine.   $38 each

Servo Check valves

New in stock are the one way valves from the stock manifold to the servo.  These are critically important to work “one way” as fuel fumes leaking back will destroy the OEM Girling servos.  OEM 13H1569.  For those who have switched to the triple carbs, Weber or SU, Kirks stocks a non-threaded one-way valve to protect the servos.  These would be adapted to the balance tube on the Downton trip manifold and the Herbold units as well.

Diaphragm Plate, seals, and shroud/cowl

Expected in the next several weeks the often missing radiator fan shroud AHC450 and metal diaphragm plate AHC400.  I am having the shroud commissioned here in the US. 

We are the only place to source correct fitting upper and lower seals to BLOCK airflow from escaping the radiator.  This is very important to keep operating temps within their safety zones and frankly I do not not how anyone is making wht the others sell work at all.  The lower seal is custom designed exclusively for Kirks.  $35 both upper and lower seals.  To round out sealing, the radiator to shroud seals between the two tanks and the shroud are often overlooked.  These are $8.50 each two required. 

Stainless hoses

We are also adding stainless over braid servo hoses to the list of exclusive Kirks offerings. 

I am the only supplier to offer Goodyear fuel hoses with stainless over lay.  The proper set consists of 3 hoses in the engine bay and 2 at the fuel pump.  Kirks can modify the engine set with 2 hoses to accommodate our see through fuel filters.  The rear fuel pump hose with banjo fitting can be either stainless with a clamp or UK sourced with crimped end.

Bosch nylon gasohol proof fuel filter $4 ea. 3/$10

We also are offering stainless oil cooler hose upgrades along with standard OEM rubber. 

Stainless over braided cooling hoses to the heater and overflow to the catch tank are now available. 

We continue to offer the best available Goodridge stainless steel hydraulic lines hydraulic hoses from the UK for the brakes and clutch.  Ours have the correct OEM size wrench fittings.  Always in stock, the OEM rubber hydraulic flex hoses

POA  also most LBCs

OE style brake discs $42ea or drilled and slotted $195 pair.  New 16PB replacement calipers $225 pair, 16p or 16PB chrome or stainless pistons and rebuild kits always stocked as are several grades of pads and fitting kits.

Rear shoes $45, shoe fitting kit NOS Girling $15.  Drums $220

Silicone rocker/valve cover gaskets and side covers

Kirks has been working with a US supplier to solve the leaking rocker/valve cover issue.  Cork simply will not hold up to the synthetic and syn-blends of todays modern oils.  These valve cover seals can be reused many times, and I stock both styles for the OEM and alloy aftermarket valve covers.  Available for all BMC engine types, A, B, C both AH and MGC which are different and for the AH100.  TR and Leyland also in stock so tell a friend.  These are just representative.  The MGC will have the correct molded machine screw holes as par of the gasket.  It just doesn’t fit my scanner easily

Heat Shield 

The stainless steel heat shields are cut and only await the insulation expected in about a week for the first orders.  Low response to the similar triple carb heat shields is delaying production thus if you have interest please let me know. 

Price point for galvanized $60 polished stainless $80 Polished stainless shown

Brake lever update:

I expect to have the rear brake levers made and ready to by the end of April possibly sooner.  Also stocking the often missing brake shoe support plates made in stainless steel

New and now in stock, window stops made in stainless steel.  These will limit the downward movement of the glass and assists the regulator function of lifting and dropping the glass by keeping the glass in its tracks.  Includes the felt pad and 4 stainless screws each side.  The OEM part is often gone missing due to rust on the brackets which finds them in the door bottom. Easy 10 minutes install.  $56/pair



Kirks has found a stash of NOS plastic 6 bladed fans 13H3635.  With the modifications to the front air intake as roundly suggested by Mr Mark Miller, these should work well in most US climates.  Cost is $260  Supplies are limited as with any NOS offering..  .

Upholstery and soft good

Front floor mats NOS red, limited availability $40 pair.  We now offer the best upholstery and proper foams for the 1967-8 and 1969 versions imported from the UK.  Our USA made tops are the best we have found made in several grades of vinyl including British Everflex and genuine Haartz vinyl or Stayfast.  BEWARE the imitation non Haartz materials Sunfast and some marketed as “Mohair”.  Real mohair is a cotton material and hasn’t been available for many years.  POA UK supplied Upholstery and USA made tops for all LBCs  including Morgan

Either style of bonnet liner, OEM 2 piece or single piece $45

Air filter seal

Received word from my manufacturer that these are now available.  No cost point as yet.  27H8223

Exhaust Systems

I continue to offer what I feel is the best OEM replacement system made in Stainless Steel.  These are manufactured by Bell in the UK and are in my opinion superior to what Falcon and others offer for the MGC.  $650

New to the offering are systems compatible with the Downton header Kirks has offered for over 15 years.  There is growing interest in a compatible mild steel complete exhaust system to couple to the Downton header.  This is spurred by the conversion from twin carbs to triple carb set up.   What follows are made to the same high standards as the Downton exhaust header and triple intakes for either SU or Weber carbs.   At the time of this mailing I am negotiating with a number of vendors on price point and possible upgrades.  Thus the prices not highlighted are estimates I believe will be in effect.  What I can offer now is the Downton Header $775


and any of three compatible systems…single 2.25 inch exhaust out of the header includes a Y Siamese pipe to exhaust resonator in front of rear silencer similar to OEM.  Cost est. including the Y is $735

Dual 1.75 inchexhaust from the header.  Sport version has paired rear silencers only.  Imagine no resonators on the two top right pipes.  Cost $660 

Dual 1.75 inch exhaust from the header quad system similar to OEM with twin resonator and dual muffers, $740. As pictured

Several of these systems are pre ordered with ETA first of the year.  I certainly can add to this standard order

Competing with the very well made cast alloy triple intakes has been problematic.  I offer the true Downton style SU and Weber intakes and until now could not compete with the cast items.  I am working with a US manufacturer however and, if there is sufficient interest, will bring to market the Dowton style intakes in alloy or stainless steel and they should be $100-200 less than what is currently being offered. 

The same manufacturer and I are working on a stainless steel Downton style header.  Typically the manufacturer of the header charges double to make their products in stainless.  My target price is $1200 but it can only be done with sufficient interest from you folks and others. 


We have uncovered a stash or NOS and good rebuildable NA spec brake master cylinders.  The NOS are priced based on current availability.  The used units can be purchased as is or undergo Kirks resleeving and rebuilding service which includes new kits and the seal for the reservoir NO one lists or has.  Of course we too can rehab your current unit.  POA for any of these parts or services.


Kirks offers rebuilding services for the OEM Girling units which frankly many times need to be rebuilt again.  I feel the best alternative are the PBR replacements which come with the brackets for an easy DIY install.  After seeing so many MGCs with Lockheed units, I have bowed to offering them as well.  They employee similar dated technology as the NA Girlings and frankly are a pain to install and look a bit alien to me.  Cost point is almost the same as the PBRs with the kit that is needed to make them work.  I too offer the Chinese made Lockheed copies for about half the cost of the Lockheeds. 

PBR replacement servos $1300 and include the brackets.  In April I expect to have a brand new PBR offering with the same 3:1 boost ratio as all the above.  These however will have a smaller footprint in the engine bay.  Also AH and Tiger some Jag

Very rare in North America, the UK and Euro style single system brake master cylinder rebuild kit.  These are brand new to the market place. $12

Other Bits:

OEM Hazard switch correct black bezel  $50.  also MGB

Other suppliers offer only the later, chrome bezel switch that we too can supply $35 also MGB

The front bump stops have long been missing and I have new units in stock $55 ea

New TRW Clutch Master and aftermarket slave in stock along with the correct longer push rod for the slave.  Brake Master stainless resleeve and rebuilding services have been a long time service of ours.  Please inquire for details and personal requirements.

New items just arrived and exclusive to Kirks.  Correct as OEM cooling system pipe clips.  The “configuration” of these pipes has morphed over the years and “close enough” was as close as possible.  I commissioned correct sizes be made in the UK and offer proper double wire clips for the top, bottom, by pass and heater hoses.  Full set of 6 clips for the pipes at the water pump are $20.   Heater hose clips are $2 each.   The modern hoses are always in stock and the bottom hose, susceptible to suction collapse is now Kevlar reinforced.  3 hose set is $42.  Good to keep in the boot as you won’t find replacements at the corner parts stores.

Spin on oil conversion kit $85 add a Hastings Filter $5.  For the OEM crowd,  I also stock my preference in cartridge filters in “quality” felt  $12 3/$27 and paper $6ea.

Rubber coupling used in NA steering rack above the rack and pinion, on the steering column itself AHC634 $50.

Doug Smith aka MG Motorsports and I have been trading for many years and I am now proud to announce I stock his “Quick Rack” and pinion steering replacement parts $425 or the complete rack and pinion assemblies..  Still offering OEM inner tie rods, the last of the OEM stock, and most of the otherwise non listed parts to successfully rebuild the steering rack.  Sorry to say I have sold the last NOS rack and pinion steering.

Now stocking Doug’s uprated front torsion bars as well $690 pair.

MWS wire wheels shipped UK direct POA.  These are tubeless stainless chrome plated wheels.   Powder coated “painted” wires also offered.  It would be ideal to also consider replacing the old splined hubs when replacing new wires wheels.  These are available in the 15x5 OEM size and the preferred 15.5x5 that easily fit and allow a wider tire selection.   Don’t forget the splined hubs and choice of eared, crested, triple or octagon knock ons/offs.  Wheels tires etc custom quoted


Our water pump exchange rebuild unit incorporate the high tech bearing used in the Aero/Space industry.  While I can not warrant against failure due to an over taught belt, these rebuilt units are near bullet proof and should last a life time$180 exchange, new $125

MGC front floor pans $168 each

Spin on oil conversions and most LBCs MGC $85

Oil pressure gauge kit for conversion from electrical to mechanical $65

Kirks is the only US source for any of SPF bushing positions and we still offer the SPF full MGC kits at $355 with the Kirks upgrade which includes end links, rear bump stops and tie rod end boots in USA made black poly.  $380

MGC ASB end links AHC56 exclusively from Kirks in the USA 53.50 each

Uprated Addco Front ASB $200 also MGB $180 & $190

Now Addco and Kirks have developed front bar kits in one inch up to 1 3/8 inch for those who like to thrash their cars at autocross or race tracks.

Rear sway bar MGC and MGB to 1974 $180. Rear ASB $180   
1968 MGB and MGC reflex (reflector) side wing amber or red hardware including rivets and securing device Kirks exclusive sold as a set or set of 8 securing hardware.  POA

In short, if it is unique to the MGC, it is probably stocked on our shelves.  We refuse to be undersold on like quality “delivered” price quotes.  Our new and ongoing UK trade partners now position us as a unique source for all offered by others in the USA and now a host of items previously available only in the UK.  Our International shipping partners allow us to compete on a very favorable cost basis and, as with the MWS wheels, larger orders can be shipped directly from the UK to my customers. 

==================== End ==================================