has always tried to make buying as easy and thrifty as possible promising to try always to meet or beat the competitor prices. Once a published price is in place that policy becomes somewhat of a problem on several levels. My returning customers know that I strive to give a line item discount to all I sell and promote one stop shopping for a total bottom line savings when certain items may not fall into the parameters above. I still have a no hassle guarantee of: "If you find it cheaper somewhere else simply tell me where and how much and I will do all I can to beat or meet that price!"  This of course is based upon equal quality and retail or retail "sale" prices.
Robert Kirk

     updated December 2021

Data addenda to first factory publications.

Feb 2014 new additions

new in 2013

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MGC provenance
The MGC differs most from the MGB from the firewall forward and the rear brakes/wheels.

We enjoy working with people and feel we can advise good and better prices and product when given the opportunity.  This comes at a cost of time but we are more customer oriented in our approach.  For those who prefer the internet shopping basket, use any link, copy and paste the cart or part numbers and email me for a quote.  We have direct cross references to our principle suppliers Moss, or OEM part numbers;
Below is a compilation of the 3 parts manuals BMC published for the MGC.  It is completely searchable and printable....feel free if you wish.  When ordering from Kirks the OEM part numbers are my first line of reference so this can help us both to insure we are speaking about the same parts.  You may not find all the parts, for instance carburetors are not included, but I am happy to assist with rebuild kits or associated parts that often need replacement. Link to the 9MB .pdf file.  
If you encounter problems downloading contact Kirks-Auto for the PDF (

NEW radiator shroud/cowl copies.
PN AHC450 made in steel as per OEM but not pressed; hand stitched welded.

Powder coated in black satin - $275
The top diaphragm (AHC400) are now also powder coated to match - $165 

air entry face

engine face

Complete MGC Decal Set - $125  ...VERY limited supply and end of production.

All correctly sized and duplicated from original samples, this set of MGC decals is the perfect finishing touch for your MGC restoration.  All decals are printed on 3M ControlTac ® transfer material for long lasting good looks and ease of installation.  The Tudor decal is furnished as a paint mask so you can duplicate the original silk-screened logo.

Application instructions included with each set.

Complete MGC decal sets includes:

•    G.T. or Tourer tire pressure decals
•    Cooling system drain warning
•    Odometer warning (printed on clear)
•    Coopers air cleaner
•    Tecalemit oil filter
•    Overdrive
•    Negative earth
•    MG valve cover
•    Emission valve cover
•    EPA firewall label
•    Smiths heater
•    Battery disconnect warning
•    Smiths rotation decals (one early, one late)
•    Tudor paint mask

I have been asked why these are so costly in comparison with what other ‘major vendors” sell for much less.  Simple answer…these are the closest to OEM ever available:

“Their” sets are incomplete, inaccurate, and printed on sub-standard materials.
•    Smiths heater rotation - rotation arrows are on the wrong side
•    Smiths heater, missing mfg date, incorrect serial numbers
•    Coopers - wrong size
•    Tecalemit - unavailable
•    O/D - unavailable
•    Emissions (valve cover) - incorrect settings information
•    MG (valve cover) - die cuts are incorrect for MGC (should be rounded not squared off), MG logo is incorrect
•    EPA firewall - unavailable
•    Tire pressures - incorrect information and/or incorrect fonts
•    Odometer - unavailable
•    Battery warning - incorrectly die cut

Kirks-Auto’s offering via Plan B are built using high resolution photographs of original labels and is accurate in every detail including errors original to each piece. They are printed on 3M ControlTac material which is meant to do the job.

If you want something that's inaccurate and incomplete but cheap, go to the major vendors.. If you're looking for a product that is worthy of your car and restoration, then the Kirks-Auto set would be a better choice. You get what you pay in some cases.


MG V-6 and V-8 guys need to know I stock two styles of 3.07 crown wheel and pinion gears.
One that fits the factory MGB the other fits the factory MGC and V-8s.  The rear ends are otherwise identical but the MGC got a larger carrier and its CWP is thicker than the MGB stock rear end carrier.  3.07 is the ultimate cruising CWP set up.  Both styles in stock.  One used 3.30 CWP with carrier and one MGC carrier available all POA

Kirks currently have limited stock of the often missing Payen brand head gasket; and yes, they are genuine Payen (in a Payen slip and black and tacky as you’d expect a Payen head gasket to be.)
$85 each (1 gasket, not a set)

MGC Hoses and hose sets

MGC Engine motor mount restrictors powder coated - AHC154/5 - $65 /pair

Spin on oil filter conversion kits for all BMC, Triumph and Jaguars.
MGC  $95 - Unipart filter  $6
Flasher Unit Clip (square type)
 BHA4780 $3

Also, the correct OEM-style flashers in both 2 & 3 prong.
NOS Buss $10 either style

NEW MGC Cam shafts - $650 (2017 price)

Vernier Cam Sprocket $275

MGC GT6 brake adjusters.
Reproduction star adjuster wheels are in production.
$110 pair, one each left and right. Illustration is similar to the reproductions.

MGC Brake Master Cylinders with reservoirs and Servo

Stainless step bore resleeving and rebuilding of the brake master is one of our services typically on a direct stock swap to include your old brake master.  Rebuild kits also available to include the exclusive and often trouble prone reservoir nipple seal.   

All Girling Servo rebuild items are stocked including professional rebuild service and the best updated new servo direct replacements PBR VH40 units which include the two adapters to mount to replace the Girling pair. 

(left blank on purpose)

MGC GT6 brake adjusting levers.
  $105 a pair, left and right.

MGC Servo Bracket Seal for
Girling servos.
Fits beneath LHD bracket AHC431, or RHD bracket AHC462. $5

This product is not commonly available in the USA.  Professional hydraulic builders use this for assembly and to prevent rust if the hydraulics are in dry storage.
Made by Castrol originally for Girling it is totally organic and 100% compatible with glycol brake fluid.  It also may be used on any rubber to promote longevity.

500gram plastic can (about a pint of material) weighs a little over one pound.  $20
 Ground and air shippable.

Small sachets also available (similar look) - $2 each

GTLMA synthetic brake fluid
(better copy coming? - Bill G)

Fresh for 2014, my Valentines surprise find….
OE AE/Glacier engine bearings
…exactly what was used at the factory.
NOS alternative to Kings bearings also stocked. 

Inquire for sizes and cost.


stock air filter sealing rings  p/n 27H8223

7.25” OD and 6.75” ID and are 10/32” thick

6 for $31 or $13 for two.

North American MGC air filters.

SPF Poly bushing kits, or by position; a Kirks exclusive. SPF $350
ASB bar end links, rear bump stop and tie rod end boots in poly available in our “Plus” kit $45

Alloy Flywheels - MGC $650
Also for other British vehicles.

$95 (top) and $65 (2nd picture)

Uprated sway bars for all US and UK cars, front and rear.
Also, uprated torsion bars made by
Doug Smith of the UK.

Sway bar end links; and Kirks is the exclusive source for the proper poly bushings for these links.

Replacement rack units and Quik Rack rack and pinion in stock.

UK made oil and transmission cooler lines also OEM and stainless overbraided.  We also have all hydraulic hoses in stainless over Teflon, NHSA approved 3 brake and 1 clutch flex hoses. Plus copper nickel hard lines sets.
Another Kirks Auto exclusive.  Others either don't supply this servo vacuum Y or supply a unit with other than 3 correct sized legs.  All 3 should accept half inch servo hoses.  BHA4733KA - $6 ea. 

First shipment of UK made MGC king pins; $350 with FREE delivery in USA.

Kirks is now offering stainless steel overbraided Goodyear hoses for fuel pump and engine bay, servo and water, and overflow hose.  “Petroflex” fuel hoses have OE style ends I call bibs (no name bibs $1.25ea).  An example of how ¼” and 5/16” fuel hoses come with stainless clamps. 

OEM style “bibs” with Concours correct bas relief  “Smiths” $5.00 ea

Extreme close-up of finished end for fuel pipe.
Suitable for 0.25” and 0.3125” fuel hose.
I.D. is 0.58”, stretchable to 0.60”

brake pedal pad for MGC automatic transmission

(blank on purpose)
(blank on purpose)

Heavy duty window winders.  $14.90 ea.  2 for $26
Stock OE plastic style
$3.80 ea. 2 for $7

UK spec amber rear indicator lens for pre-1971 MGs.  $16/pair

Borg Warner T-35 automatic step down cable

Alternator external regulator for early cars; fits both MGB and MGC.  $45

3-spade unit for other cars; TR and Jag also available. $30

NOS MGC shop manual reprint of the factory unit. 
The newer green-covered Bentley manual also available. $44.50

(left blank on purpose)

Girling MKIIB servo repair kits available. POA. Services Healey, Tiger, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati.

Stainless window stops now exclusive; $37.50 each, 2 for $70.

finned alloy Valve Cover previously only available in the UK.  $400

(picture representative)

Performance minded should like the new alloy Water Manifold.
Weight saving & attractive. 
$!55 another USA exclusive

Stainless heat shield
with extension $255. Paintable "Paintgrip" with stainless extension $185, very limited supply.

Slim style air cleaners also for stock or triple set ups.  $35 each.
1.25", 1.5" and 1.75" in stock.
(left blank on purpose) (left blank on purpose)

Girling servo plastic adapter/valve/elbow 37H3063 and grommet 37H2842 $37.50 for both.

Girling servo rubber sleeve/elbow 37H3063 $68 each.  Full OEM kits available, inquire.

MGC air filter cover bolt/tube

New lower price $35/pair

(US spec; UK spec will not fit North American vehicles.)

I don't have
pix of MGC
steel fan

UK OEM plastic cooling fan…NOS and the last of any available new.  $225

(Steel fan pic with the yellow plastic unit below next to each other)

Servo Air filter assembly also in stock $35

Pedal box top seal $7 and bottom seal $5.50, always in stock

Downton copy of the steel triple SU manifold.  $550 per set

Servo check valves, inline style. Ideal for the triple carb conversion.  $25

OE replacement Check Valve. Screws into intake manifold. $35

Otter control switches

One piece bonnet liner can be split for those preferring a two piece fit. $45

MGC MGC-GT bonnet chrome moulding strip AHC12  - $30

MGC bonnet POA

As you may or may not know I tend to market price my parts rather than get locked into a stock list of parts and prices which literally changes with every currency fluctuation, UPS whims of brokerage fees and transportation.  This is a current list and a jumping off point for reference later on.  If you find a comparable part for less, I am happy to quote based on bottom line delivery charges and my paid by check discount on totals. 

I'll be sending out a new "flyer" shortly with some new parts including the GT stainless trims around the rear hatch, pics of the exclusive vernier cam gear, new air cleaner hardware "tubes" at a lower cost, and the very popular silicone valve cover gasket impervious to synthetic oil leaks, etc.  To get these occasional updates in private emails simply email me with subject line, "add me to preferred customer list."
Link to MGC Engine Rebuild Price List.

xls file showing the major change points in production for the MGC

rear anti-sway bar

MGC LHD quick rack and pinion kit 2.9 ratio. POA.

front anti-sway bar

heavy duty Valve Springs
(left blank on purpose)

Polyurethane Bushing SET
MGC Brakes
MGC King Pins & Wheel Bearings

MGC Steering Rack

MGB/C tie rod adjustment video

heavy duty Timing Chain

PBR brackets

Ancillary Kit

heater control valve-later style

heavy duty hardened chrome moly 4130 pushrod set
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Quaife Engineering

Rear Suspension Kit
MGC Front Suspension

MGC Tie Bar & AntiSway Bar prices