This is the only Complete Set of superior grade Polyurethane Bushings offered in the U.S. for
MGC front suspensions

add poly end link at $17.50/pair = $408 total


Any car position available by part number inquire. 


All MGC suspension parts I have seen illustrated refer basically to the BMC parts manual; so in keeping I refer to complete bush sets as:
upper outer = upper king pin (pic upper left)
upper inner = upper A-arm (pic upper right)

lower outer = lower king pin (pic low left)
(unavailable in OEM replacement rubber)
lower inner = lower A-arm (pic lower right)

lower vertical = torsion bar front inboard from above

tie bar rear are the four discs in center. 

Nearly all positions have stainless steel sleeves except the tie bar discs.

Unquestionably superior to what is now offered as OEM.

Super Pro brand is without question one of the BEST in the world!!

These come in black and VERY dark navy...FAR SUPERIOR TO ONLY A FEW RED COMPONENTS FROM OUR COMPETITORS FOR THE MGC. Sets are complete with lube pack included for each position if necessary.

Time and the basic design of the MGC 6-cylinder layout take a great toll on the front suspension and steering.  These polyurethane bushings can hold up to the extra weight and strain demanded by the C.  Improved handling control is immediate.  One of the single best steps to increased performance.

We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction; the guy who packs your box and sweeps the floor is the same guy who buys and sells   Contact me at or 1-563-323-1017
The above items are all genuine SuperPro products and shall remain so until the cost no longer justifies me selling them.  With regard to cost and expansion of these ever increasingly sought after bushes I have found a secondary source of equal quality to further expand beyond SuperPro’s availability.  Specifically for the MGC owner I now offer the Anti Sway Bar ends with steel sleeve and tie rod end boots both in black poly.  Unlike rubber boots these will endure the elements keeping them out and the grease in where it belongs. 

Ancillary/Secondary Front Kit for $95
Including front shock absorber upper and lower bushes, stock Anti Sway Bar mount bearing, all SPF brand & US manufactured black sway end links and tie rod boots.
Rear Kit $85 in USA made black
SPF brand bushings and black pads $100
SPF brand kit $140

Forward silent bloc bush, shackle bushings, center mount pads
NEW OFFER *** Rear Poly Bump Stops (not in rear kit) $25 pair