Represented companies include:

Addco - We are a WD. Anti Roll Bars stock and uprated for a multitude of old and new foreign and domestic….ALWAYS “ON SALE”

Super Pro polyurethane suspension bushings for a multitude of old and new foreign and domestic….

PBR remote brake servos…direct replacements for the Girling MK II A and B units and Lockheed units. Modern technology to STOP your car…not make you worry about whether it will stop or NOT.

Quaife Drive line parts and accessories, we import direct.

Moss Motors Dealer

King Bearings - bearings in tri metal available for certain applications AND engine parts for ALL British cars equal or better than all competititors…

Rebuilding/restoration services to RESTORE, not change OEM designs, include:

Brake, Clutch master and slave cylinders: stainless single-bore resleeving and brass resleeving of single- and two-step bores.

Girling and Lockheed lever shock absorbers.

Lucas, Bosch and Marelli generators, alternators and starters.

Smith, Jaeger and Stewart Warner instruments including capillary tubes for water temperature.

Ultima steering wheels in OEM designs.

Downton exhaust and intake manifolds for MGC…Works Racing duplicates.

SU carburetors rebuilt and calibrated by a retired Jaguar specialist with over 40 years in the trade.

Aluminum plating ….NEVER oxidizes. (I am puttin Al onto anything metalic....looks close to chrome and is 1/4 the price.  Polish a Jag cam cover or SU and watch it fall apart in months.  My treatment keeps it at, at least, the polished stage.  Thus "CHEAP CHROME" of forever polished aluminum.  On a cast piece it is really close to chrome; did my Facel Vega intake and air cleaners....Iron and steel....LOOK GREAT!)

Chrome Plating with spcialization to bumpers and over riders (bumperettes or verticles.)

Machine shop services to make that little nubbin' you can't find anymore.